Thursday, January 12, 2012

simple prawns (shrimp) with yoghurt mayo

simple prawns (shrimp) with yoghurt mayo
serves 4

I love this yoghurt mayo - a simple blend of virtuous natural yoghurt and sinful whole egg mayonnaise it’s a super easy and versatile sauce. Great with all fish and  seafood and  also delicious with roast chicken.  Definitely something I keep coming back to.

4 tablespoons natural greek style yoghurt
4 tablespoons whole egg mayonnaise
1kg / 2lb cooked prawns / shrimp mixed salad leaves, to serve
Combine yoghurt and mayonnaise. Season.
Divide prawns between 4 plates and serve with a handful of leaves and a small bowl of sauce on the side. If you’re feeling fancy you can serve little finger bowls so everyone can wash  their hands.

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