Thursday, January 12, 2012

ricotta & basil open omelette

ricotta & basil open omelette

If  you’re  a  fan  of commercial   ‘non-stick’  tefflon pans,   by  all means go ahead, but I  think it’s really worth the effort of investing the time in seasoning a traditionally cast iron pan yourself (see instructions on stonesoup). You’ ll be guaranteed an omelette that comes free quite readily every time, without having to worry about  where  the tefflon has gone when it wears off the base of your pan.
Basil and ricotta is by far our favorite topping at the moment  but feel free to mix things up. A soft goat’s cheese can be lovely but if you’ re up for something more hearty, chorizo and cooked potato  chunks could be just the thing.

5 eggs
1 tablespoon butter
handful, finely grated  parmesan, optional
2 tablespoons ricotta
6 basil leaves, picked
Lightly whisk eggs and season. Heat your omelette pan over a medium high heat until hot but not smoking. Add butter and allow to melt and sizzle without browning then pour in your eggs. Stir quickly to move the cooked part of the egg away from the heat for a couple of minutes.
When the egg is mostly cooked, stop stirring and flatten the top with
a spoon and keep cooking for another minute or so until there is only a little runny egg remaining on top. Remove from the heat. Scatter over parmesan, if using, ricotta chunks and basil.

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