Friday, January 20, 2012

quick steak sandwich

quick steak sandwich
serves 2

The great thing about this sandwich is that you pound the meat before cooking. This means it only takes a minute or so on each side to cook. Another benefit is that the meat is tenderised so it doesn’t  matter if you use slightly tougher cuts, like rump. It also means that the steak ends up in bite sized pieces so there are no akward moments wrestling to chew through your sandwich.
200g (7oz) scotch fillet, rump or New York steak
1 lemon, halved wholegrain mustard
4 large fresh slices bread
small handful wild baby rocket, optional
Heat BBQ or char grill pan on its highest setting.
Place steak between 2 layers  of plastic.  Bash  with your fist or a meat mallet until it is flattened out to about  1/2cm  (3/4in) thick. You want it to be thin as possible with a few holes so it cooks quickly.
Season steak and drizzle over olive oil on both sides. BBQ for approximately 1 minute each size until well charred. At the same time cook the lemon, cut side down.
Place steak on a clean, warm plate and drizzle with more olive oil and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Allow to rest for a few minutes so the meat juices mix with the oil and lemon juice to make a super tasty sauce. Tear meat into bite sized pieces.
Spread bread with mustard then pile the steak on top. Scatter with rocket leaves, if using and drizzle over the juices. Top with another slice of bread.

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