Tuesday, January 24, 2012

8-hour baked beans

8-hour baked beans

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of these beans. It’s enough
to make you almost want to leap out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning.
Almost. I like to just serve the beans on their own with a green salad. But
they’re also lovely as part of a more substantial brunch with some eggs
and hot buttered toast.
I have made a vegetarian version of these beans. The secret it to replace
the ham hock with a tablespoon smoked paprika and season more
generously at the end (a little soy saue can help as well).
If you can’t find a ham hock. You could use some speck, pancetta or
even a little bacon.
serves 6
400g (14oz) dried cannellini, haricot or northern beans
2 onions, peeled & chopped
2 cans tomatoes (400g / 14oz, each)
3 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
1 ham hock
Preheat oven to 120C (250F) fan forced. Or 140C (280F)
for a regular oven.
Place beans, onion, tomato, worcestershire sauce and
ham hock in a large oven proof dish, preferably with a lid.
Add 2 1/2 cups water and 2 tablespoons brown sugar if
you prefer your beans a little sweet. Cover tightly with foil
and the lid.
Bake beans for 8 hours, or until beans are super tender
and the ham is falling off the bone. If it looks a little dry,
add some more water. If it looks too soupy, increase the
oven temperature and cook uncovered until the sauce has
reduced to your liking. Season well.

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