Sunday, December 25, 2011

Foraging notes 

Foraging for edible fungi is utterly absorbing and, 
once you experience it, you are likely to be smitten 
by the hunting fever. However, it is not without 
rules. There are very few. but they must be followed 
if the outcome of your foray is to be a happy one. 
1 If In doubt, DO NOT EAT IT. 
You must know for sure that the mushrooms you intend 
to eat are not poisonous. A few species are lethal; many
more cause severe stomach upsets. H you have any doubt 
about the safety of any species. do not eat it. Accurate 
identification can be obta:ined from a mycologist or from
a reliable mushroom
book. To discover a mushroom's 
identity, note its habitat and look at the whole of it, from 
the top of its cap to the base of its stem. If the cap is ripe,a
spore print can be taken as well . 
2 Don't take fI1n.g1 from. a pmtected habitat. 
Some national parks and other places open to the public 
have regulations regarding the collecting of fungi. These
rules are posted at prominent pomts and should not be 
ignored. if you wish to avoid prosecution. 
3 aelpect the ownenblp of. private land. 
If you wish to hunt in fields, woods, golf courses, or parks, 
you should always first ask the landowner's permission . 
.. Behave though. 
Don't trample on plants or flowers, rake the forest floor, 
or break branches and fences. Keep dogs under control, 
and voices down-the quietness of the habitat is one that 
should be revered. Above all, take only what you need 
and leave something for feIIow hunters to pick. 
The leeroh for fungi can take you into beautiful place 

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