Sunday, December 25, 2011

Edible Mushrooms ...

It could be said that there are three motivations for those who enjoy gathering wild, edible
mushrooms. The first is primitive: we love to hunt for free food. The second is commercial: some species
can be sold for astonishingly high prices. The third is the one that I think applies to most
mushroom gatherers and, I hope, to the readers of
this blog  it is aesthetic. The object is not just to find
the ingredients for a tasty meal or to make a
small addition to the bank balance, for the search
for mushrooms can take us into incredibly
beautiful places, where we will be captivated by
their perfection, the strangeness of their life-cycle,
and their unpredictable habits.The pastime is given
an extra edge by the uncertainty of their appearing at all. 
There are days when we just know that any chance of ahaul is slight. On other days, we can sense that mushrooms will be there, ready for the picking. And when we find a bumper crop, it is thrilling.We tell everyone about it, and even share ourbounty-but we keep its location a secret, to be told only to our families or our closest friends. 

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