Thursday, January 12, 2012

PPotato and Parsley Soup with Black Peppered bread

Potato and Parsley Soup 
with Black Peppered bread 

Potato soup, another creamy comforting soup - this one with some parsley for
- heat some oil hot in a saucepan
- add a couple of rashers of bacon chopped anyold how and turn the heat down (if you
are vegetarian of course, just miss out the bacon)
- when it is just sizzling add an onion and three small sticks of celery, all chopped
- leave to cook gently until it all smells glorious – a good ten minutes I should think.
You want people to come into the kitchen and ask what you are cooking with a dreamy longing look on their faces.
- Peel and chop three potatoes, add them to the pan and leave for a few more minutes
now, stirring to mix and stop it sticking.
- Add a pint and a half of vegetable stock – I used Rapunzel vegetable boullion mixed
half strength as usual.
- Once the potatoes are soft, say twenty minutes to half an hour, whiz the lot in a
- Bung it back in the pan, check seasoning and add a tablespoon of chopped parsley
as you warm it through.

As say, creamy and comforting this one with a hint of onion, celery and bacon for
depth. It still needed a bit of a kick though, so I made some bread topped with olive oil
and lots of crushed black pepper. The pepper seems to take on a lovely lemony tang
when cooked, with a warmth to match the soup.

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