Wednesday, January 4, 2012

crostini with buffalo mozzarella, peppers & basil

crostini with buffalo mozzarella, peppers & basil

serves 4 as a starter

The success of this starter is all in the cheese. If you can’t find the freshest buffalo mozzarella, don’ t be tempted to use stringy, ordinary mozzarella or boccincini. The best substitute would be a fresh goats cheese or even some humble ricotta.
You can roast the peppers yourself, but I find that the jars of pre-prepared roast peppers or capsicum are perfectly fine if you’re short of time.

8 thin slices baguette
1 large ball bufffalo mozzarella, torn into chunks roasted & peeled  red pepper (capsicum),  finely sliced a few fresh basil leaves
Toast baguette slices lightly on one side.
Layer each round with mozzarella chunks, top with a few slices of pepper (capsicum) and a basil leaf or two.

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