Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spinach Soup and Tortillas 

Nothing much in the fridge today, just half a bag of baby spinach past its best, so
spinach soup it is.

- The usual recipe - half an onion and a clove of garlic sweated slowly in some oil and
- One potato chopped and added for thickening, then a pint and a quarter of stock.
Home made chicken stock would be nice here but there is none left in the freezer so
half strength Rapunzel's vegetable bouillon it is.
- Twenty minutes or so later once the potato is cooked add the spinach - a couple of
big handfuls.
- Simmer for a minute or so then blend.
- Back in the washed pan it goes along with black pepper, a little salt and 'cos it
seemed a bit thin - some milk, so cream of spinach soup now.

As beautifully green as a stagnant pond in spring time, maybe a little bit stocky tasting
but served with some salty feta, absolutely delicious.

And tortillas as well (no bread left either!) dead easy to make - just flour salt and water,
kneaded into a soft dough, rested for twenty minutes then rolled out thin and cooked in
a dry frying pan 'till speckled brown. 

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