Monday, December 26, 2011



Melons are a cooling, delicious treat in
hot weather: a large slice of crunchy pink
watermelon sold from roadside stands
all over the Mediterranean beats any
carbonated drink for refreshment.
Watermelon or a tea made by simmering
its seeds in water for 30 minutes has long
been recommended in traditional medicine
as a remedy for kidney and bladder
problems. All forms of melon are also mildly
stimulating to the kidneys, and are gently
laxative, making them useful for those with
gout or constipation. A two-day mono-fast on
melons of any kind is a delightful summer
cleanout of the whole system. Like grapes,
melon of all kinds should be eaten on its
own, or at least at the start of a meal, since
                                                                       it ferments rapidly in the stomach.

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